Like each virtual Airway, we also have rules which apply if you want to be part of our VA.

This is only a part of our Rules, because the website is still under construction.




  • During registration you have to give your real first and lastname , a real email Adress and your real birth date. Within our privacy policy we ensure that we don’t save any data, especially no member data and we will not delivery it to third party, unless there a crime take place, which should be reported to the police.


  • We want to stay in touch with the Members and a smooth communication is our aim. Thats why it is not allowed to use fake E-Mail Adresses. A real email adress should be used. Our system proofes denies any Fake E-Mail Adresses. We are doing regular checks on it.


  • To be member of our virtual Airline is totally free for you. We don’t pursue any commercial interests.


  • The minimum age is 14 years. Younger Pilots can contact the CEO and the request will be proofed. If the CEO approve the request a small test will be done by the training departement


  • For every natural person is only one account accepted Multiple registrations are not allowed and will be denied or deleted. Only the first account will stay.


  • A Members becomes automatically inactive if he/she hasn’t done a flight for our virtual Airline within 4 weeks, or, if he/she did not contacted the community. A member will be informed about the deactivation and will get informations about the reactivation of his account. After the reactivation the account can be used as before.


  • A full delete of the account is only done by the CEO. He will consult the whole Westlines Staff and will take further action therefater.


  • In case a member breaks the rules, has done a crime or intend to do so, he can be excluded from the virtual Airline.


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  • Basically all flights for westlines VA should be done on IVAO.


  • The transmission of a flight is only be done by our own ARCAS system. Flights which will be recorded with other tools we can not count.


  • Is a flight done on one of the usual networks, the rules of the network and also the rules of Westlines VA applies.


  • A transfer from ratings which are done at another VA can not be done. Skipping ranks is not allowed at our VA.
  • Every try to avoid the rules of our carreer-system or to gain points, can lead to a suspension of the membership. The Staff will decide after examining the case.


  • You will get the Rating Flight Trainee if you reached the needed hours and passed the theorie-Exam, which you have to request at our training departement. You will get a link after your request. For the ranks Senior First Officer, First Officer and Captain you need to do a theorie and practical exam, which will executed by the training departement. If you fail the exam, then you can repeat the exam after a reasonable waiting time. The exam can be repeated max. 3 times. More trials can be request at the trainings departement. For each Rating you can request an additional training at the training departement. This is important especially at the Ratings SFO, FO and CP and is suggested.